Bryony’s Favourites


ur award winning Therapist, Bryony shares her recommendations….

Favourite Spa Treatment: deep tissue full body or back massage! I love to do and to have this treatment. My aim for every one of my clients is to feel super relaxed and to feel like all of the stresses of everyday life, have been taken away. You can always feel where you hold tension, and I make it my mission to banish them.

Favourite Elemis Products:

Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm: This daily moisturiser contains a complex that holds the moisture level in your skin, so it’s great for the winter months! Also it’s a 2 in 1 as it’s a great makeup primer too, with a subtle radiant glow.

Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balma perfect way to break down face makeup, whilst it soothes you with its incredible scents! Must Have!!!

Skin Nourishing Milk Bath: this product can be used anywhere on the body and in the bath. You can use it to moisturise, cleanse, put in the scalp and bathe in it! And the best thing is, anyone can use it!

“As a Therapist I love to meet new people, hear their stories and ensure they leave with great results” – Bryony

PommistFavourite OPI Colour: my favourite colour is OPI Red. This colour is timeless and you can where it all year round. Who doesn’t like a classic red nail?

Favourite Jane Iredale Product: my favourite Jane Iredale product is Pommist. You can spritz it over makeup to brighten and renew it, you can spritz for freshness as it contains pomegranate extract, but it’s also really good at layering power foundations so you still end up having a dewy finish. A good tip is to dampen your brush with pommist then dip your brush into a really shimmery eyeshadow. The pommist intensifies the colour and also foils the eyelid so it attracts light, great for smaller eyes!

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