Gel Polish -V- Regular Polish


here is much confusion between a normal manicure and a Gel manicure. A normal nail lacquer doesn’t last as long, takes a while to dry and may even stain the nails if it’s not used correctly.

An OPI Gel manicure will stay on for at least 2 weeks without a single chip, and dries instantly! The colour in a gel manicure is a lot richer in colour, and smoother in texture.

First of all, the nail is prepped, free from any cuticle and loose nail so that they are neat and presentable. Then the process is simply the same, only in-between each layer of gel that is applied, the colour is cured in a UV gel lamp so that they have fully bonded to the nail.

“High definition & shine, non chip, non smudge, non scratch lacquer that can last up to 3 weeks!”

before-after-tropicsThe polishes are always kept in a dark bottle so that no sunlight can get to them. This is the pro-long them and stop any sunlight getting to them and stop them from setting hard in the bottle. After each layer of colour is applied, the gel is capped along the top so that the nail is water tight. This is one of the most common problems for having nail lacquers, you’ll usually find that they will lift on when washing your hands or even in the shower. This is because of their thin consistency the water can easily lift them up.

Not only do they look a lot shinier and smoother, but it’s much more suitable for doing nail art, because after each layer we can cure them and you won’t have to wait for them to dry.

After the colour has been applied and the top coat is applied, we finish the nail off some cuticle oil to keep the skin around the nail moisturised and supple.

Full Set Fingers or Toes £30.00

Removal & Reapplication £38.00

Removal £10.00

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