Our tutorial on Jane Iredales signature ‘Brown Sugar’


ryony demonstrates how to apply a simple eye-shadow look, using one of Jane Iredale’s most versatile pallet, ‘Brown Sugar’. Perfect for an everyday autumnal look, which you could intensify further or apply lightly for a softer look. Why not try it for yourself? If you want anymore tips and tricks, phone us or come in for a makeup trial.

Bryony has already started off with her base ready prepped, and left her eyes and lips bare.

“Jane Iredale’s signature eyecolour Brown Sugar.”

1. Start with a primer on your eyelids with Jane Iredale’s Eye Gloss.BS 1-2; a pale cream shimmer shade. Once applied, keep your eyes closed for it to dry before applying shadows. The warmth of your finger whilst applying this shade with help the product warm up and allow you to pat the product on better.

2. Apply the pale pink shade in the palette with a shader brush. Make sure to cover the whole lid, right from the base of the eyelashes to the brow bone, but concentrating more on the space of skin that lies over the eyeball.

3. Now apply the medium brown colour into the crease. This is going to add depth for the eye and also shade in the socket line. Using a crease brush withBS 3-4 a long sweeping motion follow the socket line, if you are having difficulty, slightly look down whilst applying and you can see where the bone is. Concentrating most of the colour on the outer eye area.

4. Once you have applied the medium brown colour, move onto the darkest shade to add more depth to the eye and make it pop with the contrast between the colour on the lid space and the dark colour in the crease. Add little at a time so it’s easier to blend.

5. Now, using Jane Iredale’s basic Black eyeliner, draw a very thing line on top of the lashes. This is going to trick other people into thinking that your nBS 5-6atural lashes are a lot thicker than what they really are. This eyeliner contains shea butter and is very hydrating so it won’t harm the eye. Take your time in doing this.

6. Brighten up the under-eye area using Jane Iredale Active Light concealer. It contains reflecting particles. Apply in a triangle under the eye and bland out with your finger.


 7. After applying the under-eye concealer you need to set it. This is to stop the concealer from creasing and to keep the colour vibrant and strong. UBS 7-8se Jane Iredale’s Pure Pressed Base in the shade Ivory. You can apply this to other parts of the face where you feel you are oily or need more coverage.

8. To finish the eye look, using a small detail brush, pick up the medium brown shade and run it along the lower lash line, do this until around half way.

9. After you have applied the medium brown shade, you ought to add more definition the lower lash line area. Pick up the dark brBS 9-10own shade in the pallet and smudge it a quarter the way along the eye. This is to enhance the natural eye shape.

10. If you need to lighten the surrounding the eye, add a white eye liner to the lower lash line. This is going to trick other people into thinking that the eye is wider and brighter than it is naturally. Jane Iredale eye-liner is not harmful to the eye.

11. Once your shadows and eye liner are complete, you are ready foBS 11-12r mascara. Janes Iredale Longest Lash mascara contains mini fibres to extend the length of the natural eyelashes. You can build the thickness and fullness of the lashes by adding another coat.

12. Eyebrows frame the face, and are the last step for the eyes. Jane Iredale’s Bitty Brow kit, cover the eyebrows in the wax first of all, to keep the eyebrow in place, then using an angled brush fill in any gaps. Try not to go too heavy handed with the colour, to avoid them looking too harsh.

13. Now for the lips. Use a liner to gently go over the lip line, This isBS 13-14 going to keep the gloss on for longer and also add more colour. Using this lip liner in Rose, Gently line the lips than lightly fill them in.

14. Last but not least, using Jane Iredale’s lip gloss in Sugar Plum. This is a nice deep pink shade that fits perfectly with the eye look. Containing hydrating properties, this lip gloss will last all day whilst providing moisture and colour.

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