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ever heard of Jane Iredale before? What does it do? Jane Iredale is a skin care makeup and was originally formulated for acne skin, prone to break-outs due to clogging cosmetic makeup. It wasn’t long before Jane Iredale discovered that it could improve anyone’s skin. Cosmetic makeup is full of talc and parabens to bulk it up. Putting this repeatedly onto your skin will cause breakouts and irritation. It was through working on photo shoots as a makeup artist that Jane Iredale saw skin becoming more and more irritated and prematurely ageing.

Jane then developed a makeup that was 100% mineral based, still giving great coverage, non comedogenic allowing the skin to breathe, whilst protecting from external factors.

” A healthy alternative to cosmetic makeup.”

JI RetailAcne is increasingly common in both teenagers and adults, with society becoming more and more self-conscious than ever, striving for that flawless look. Layers of cosmetic makeup can effectively increase acne and skin irritation. With its soothing chamomile and green tea extracts, Jane Iredale gently soothes and detoxifies the skin whilst giving it moisture and protection throughout the day. This makeup range is even suitable for wear following advanced facial treatments.

Jane Iredale is suitable on any skin type, any skin condition and for all ages, and with an extensive range of products to choose from there is something to suit everyone!

Treatment and retail products available at the Hideaway Spa.

Wedding Application (including trial) £57

Tailored Application 45 minutes £27

To book your treatment or makeover, please either email or call us on 01297 639090.

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